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  How Charming?  Simply Charming 
.  925 Sterling Silver Charms

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 Start your charm bracelet today -   Charm bracelets tell "your life" browse our marketplace and start your story. 

 Wonderful memories of new babies, ballet recitals, football games, special trips to the Effiel tower or the Statue of Liberty.  Or that new boat, picnic at the beach. 

Celebrate your hobbies - gardening with flowers, tools, trees or cooking with frying pans, mixing bowls, chef's hat.

Remember that special trip to the beach with a sea shell, celebrate the joy of sun and stars, humingbirds for summer life, flip flops for relaxing and everblooming daisies.

Charms... oh how I love charms!!  The stories they weave of our lives, the jingle sound of the bracelet and all the wonderful memories... this is your story.

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